We totally understand the feeling. Paying money toward something with no tangible value is not something any of us swallows willing. And that’s exactly what insurance feels like to everybody. We’re in the industry — and carry insurance coverage just like you — so trust us when we say we know exactly where you’re coming from.

But the unfortunate reality of life is that things beyond our control happen and with the unexpected comes financial burden. Without insurance, you would have to carry the full weight yourself, which is a quick way to economic ruin.

However, Voldico Insurance Janotha Agency also firmly believes that paying for insurance coverage shouldn’t break the bank either. Our goal is to provide you the comprehensive coverage you need, no more and no less, at a fair value. To further that end, we’ve put together the four types of insurance everyone needs to give you a better understanding of exactly what you’re paying for each month. We hope this information is helpful!

Life Insurance

Perhaps the most morbid subject in all the business is life insurance. Perhaps it can be uncomfortable to contemplate, or even discuss, but it is vitally important to protecting the financial well-being of your loved ones should something happen to you.

If your family is dependant on your salary to make ends meet and you’re no longer there to provide it for them, who will take up the slack? By paying for life insurance, you policy will continue to provide your salary to loved ones after you’re gone. The reality is, most people don’t have enough life insurance coverage to adequately support their family. Don’t take that chance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Provide financial support to your family.
  • You policy should cover ten times your yearly income.
  • Most people don’t have adequate coverage for expenses.
  • Be sure to factor in mortgage payments, credit card debt and loans.

Health Insurance

Medical expenses, especially in the U.S., can be extremely pricey and ruin your financial stability without proper health insurance coverage. Your family can be one serious illness away from bankruptcy. A study found 62% of personal bankruptcies in 2007 were caused by health complications.

It may seem like an annoying deduction from your paycheck every two weeks, but the alternative is far more severe. Find a trusted broker, like Voldico Insurance Agency, to shop around and find the best coverage and value if you don’t have employer-provided coverage.

Key Takeaways:

  • More than 60% of personal bankruptcies were caused by health problems.
  • Of that number, even 78% had health insurance at the start of their illness.
  • Shop around using a trusted broker to find the appropriate coverage for your needs.
  • Don’t settle for the minimum level of coverage on your policy.

Auto Insurance

There’s no denying that if you drive a car, one day you’ll be involved in an accident. Maybe you never cause one, but somebody else will. There were over 10 million car accidents in 2009. Beyond damage to the vehicles, 2 million people were injured in those accidents.

Not all states require auto insurance, but most do with minimum limits. Those limits, however, can be very low and cover only fractions of liability you could potentially be exposed to. Even if you think you’ll never cause an accident, many drivers don’t carry auto insurance at all, leaving you in a position to utilize your coverage or pursue them for damages in small claims court. But if they’re not paying for minimum auto insurance, your odds at recovery aren’t strong.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all states require auto insurance.
  • States that require it have low limit requirements.
  • Over 2 million people were injured in 10 million accidents in 2009.
  • Auto insurance also protects against theft, vandalism and hail.

Home Insurance

One of the largest investments you’ll make in your life is when buying a home. You are required to have coverage on your home when financing, which is a sound idea always given the exposure homes carry (they are your shelter after all!), not to mention the costs a home can incur.

Home insurance coverages can be varied and packaged in all sorts of different ways depending on the area you live and how much risk you’re willing to accept. However, like the other types of insurance, it is never a good idea to accept more risk than you realistically can afford were something to happen. Find a strong balance of monthly cost compared to what you get and what you can be exposed to.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home insurance is required when financing a home.
  • Homes are large investments and should be well-protected assets.
  • Find a comprehensive policy that gives you adequate coverage without paying for more than you need (i.e. a hurricane policy in Nebraska!).

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