Client #1 Insurance Review:

Has home and auto insurance but needs to add 2 general liability policies.

Present annual Insurance cost: $6033.80 + $2344 for the 2 liability policies

Total cost with old insurance: $8377.80

Total cost with Voldico Insurance carriers: $6805.30 Saving $1572.50

No review from their insurance carrier in the last 10 years or so.

Client #2 Insurance Review:

Has home & auto, life insurance and disability insurance.

Present annual insurance cost: $8192.00

Total cost with Voldico Insurance carriers: $4900.00

Saving $3292.00, dropped disability, clients didn’t know they had it through their employer.

No review from their insurance carrier in the last 8 years.

As you can see, not having a review every 18-24 months can cost you. As an independent insurance agent, I make it a point to review my client’s insurance needs to make sure they are still getting the value they deserve.

Insurance, nobody wants to talk about it but everyone needs it.

For your house, your car, your business, your health and even your life. I will attempt to answer three very important questions for you to help you address this critical topic:

  1. Are you spending too much on Insurance?
    Many of my clients answered yes to this question when I first asked. As an independent insurance agent I have access to many options and have successfully saved them money while, in most cases, increasing the amount of coverage they have!
  2. There are so many quotes available online, why use an actual, live insurance agent?
    I have your best interests in mind and will look for your options based on your needs, not on who paid the most to be included in the quotes!
  3. What is the benefit of having an insurance agent in your corner after you have selected insurance?
    You may have selected the best plan with best rates for you at the time. Things change. I will continue to monitor your insurance and rates and notify you if something better comes along, at no cost to you other than potentially saving money and/or increasing coverage!I understand how the insurance business, and your needs, changes over time. I use technology geared toward helping you maximize coverage and minimize cost. That frees up your time to do what you love to do, and I’m sure shopping for insurance is not on that list! Let me spend my time doing the legwork so you can spend time with family, friends and other more enjoyable activities.Call, text or message me on Facebook today to find out about the many benefits of using me, your local Voldico Insurance agent, to very likely save you time and money! I look forward to speaking with you soon and have made it convenient and easy for you to reach me any of the following ways:

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Your teammate in saving money,
Steven K. Janotha